“MHP Lideri Bahçeli: Kerbela Katliamı Müslümanlar Arasında Paylaşılan Bir Acıdır”

MHP Lideri Devlet Bahçeli, sosyal medya hesabından yaptığı paylaşımda, Müslümanların ortak hüznü ve sızısı olan Kerbela katliamına vurgu yaptı. Bahçeli, paylaşımında, Kerbela’da dökülen ortak kanın hatırlanmasının benzer trajedilerin yaşanmasını engelleyeceğini ve kötü niyetli planları bozacağını belirtti.

İşte Bahçeli’nin paylaşımı…

“Unforgettable sorrows and memories mixed with tears have a weight that never loses its heaviness on hearts, even after centuries. The Kerbela massacre, which took place in the year 61 in Hijri, is the shared sorrow and shared pain of Muslims, and the shedding of shared blood. Indeed, massacres were committed against the oppressed in Kerbela.

1384 years ago today, the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who was mentioned as the rose garden of our Prophet and also as the lord of the young people of Paradise, Hz. Hüseyin, along with more than 70 Ahl-i Beyt leaders who were by his side, were martyred. The shadow of discord fell upon the hot sands of Kerbela, and Muslim hearts burned and trembled.

“Kerbela Disaster is the Common Mourning of Muslim Hearts”

Regardless of their beliefs, sects, regions, or origins, the Kerbela disaster is the common mourning of Muslim hearts, and the Day of Ashura is a day to realize and share this mourning. Today is also an opportunity to understand, explain, and transfer the morality of Hüseyni, which is adorned with sorrow, to our lives. The martyrs of Kerbela are the martyrs of all of us, and their cause is the cause of all of us.

The torch that has been lit with the martyrdom of Hz. Hüseyin has illuminated the horizons of justice, morality, and truth in a much brighter way. Yezid is the symbol of hostility, enmity, division, sedition, oppression, and polarization; Hz. Hüseyin is the symbol of truth, beauty, goodness, courage, faith, and an unwavering will like a nail fixed to the sky.

Our duty is to learn lessons from the Kerbela incident; to resist without stepping back against the dark forces that intend to destroy our unity, solidarity, and brotherhood. Responding to the propaganda and divisive tactics of circles that have become the slaves of their interests with the stance of Hz. Hüseyin, I believe, will stop the Yezid operations and ultimately destroy them.

The true messages to be drawn from Kerbela will undoubtedly prevent similar tragedies from happening again and disrupt false and treacherous plans. I remember all our martyrs who drank from the cup of martyrdom with mercy, gratitude, and respect, especially Hz. Hüseyin and the esteemed members of the Ahl-i Beyt; I pray to Allah that the month of Muharram and the Day of Ashura will open the doors of peace, tranquility, and well-being for all.”

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